Heads Up 7-Up

Seems like so long ago now. This was the start of our 3-month adventure in November to Santiago and Valparaiso Chile. We boarded our ship for 5 days at sea to one of our favourite stops on the whole trip: Easter Island to see the Big Giant Heads! Bring on the head puns: Obviously, this was not a good place to lose one’s head. They were certainly ahead of their time – perhaps ahead by a century? These people were very headstrong, certainly they weren’t falling head over heels for just anyone. Off the top of my head, I think if they just put their heads together they could turn some heads. But I think a lot of it just went over their head. Nailed it. And by that I mean, hit the nail on the head. And I’m done.

The camera lens strikes again!

If you recall back in December while we were in Australia we had an accident with our telephoto camera lens. It was dropped and broken. So we immediately spent $700 in Sydney to replace it. It was a borrowed camera so it had to be done, plus we loved the camera, especially that lens! Anyways, turns out, this new lens was broken too. Talk about bad luck! We then spent our entire day in Melbourne, our next port, dealing with the issue. We bought a second new lens for another $700 and made an agreement with the store we bought the first one from in Sydney that we could return it for a refund, so off went the first replacement lens via Australia Post.

Flash forward to February. We are home in Canada and have still heard nothing and received no refund. So we start making calls which we couldn’t do on the trip since we were either busy or in a different time zone. Turns out, nobody has any record WHATSOEVER of the lens. The camera store never received it, Australia Post doesn’t have any record of it. Poof! It has magically disappeared and there’s not a dam thing we can do about it. And to top it off, all of our insurance options at home won’t cover us! Bah! I don’t know why I even pay for insurance sometimes!

So the good news is: we are now the proud owners of the original dropped broken lens, (which we don’t have a camera for, and is going to cost another couple hundred bucks still to fix…It is turning out to be the most expensive camera ever) But, it takes amazing pictures!




We got no food, we got no jobs…our pets’ heads are falling off!


Yup, we are both on the job hunt, which ironically means that we’ve been really productive in other areas of life. We renovated our bathroom, installed some new light fixtures in the basement, and have watched a lot of olympics. But we’re working hard to get jobs. Really.

“I can’t believe we drove around all day and there’s not a single job in this town. Nothing, nada, zip.” … “Yeah, unless you want to work forty hours a week!”

Anyways, I’ve been working on doing “something” with all of our photos from our trip so this is my first attempt at “something”. Granted, it’s from half-way through the trip, but it was really truly a memorable day for us. It was our first real chance to go off on our own and explore around South Africa which we LOVED! And now that I’ve learned my way through video editing a bit I can go back to the start and work on the trip from beginning to end! It will be like starting the journey all over again!

“We’re really doing it Harry!!”

Little change in plans.

Europe is cold, expensive and we don’t have a tan anymore. Not exactly how we imagined ending our dream holiday. Plus, after spending 74 days on an Italian cruise ship, whose bright idea was it to stay an extra week in Italy anyways? If you’ve ever been, I’m sure you can catch what I’m throwing down. If you haven’t been, you probably have never told an old lady to F-off. Soooooooo…….We have changed our plans to go here instead:

Punta Cana Dominican Republic! Boom! That just happened. 😉
As long as el-capitano can get us to Italy without hitting the big rock – we will be on a beach in 36 hours! Eeeeeee!

Last day at sea

The last few weeks have been a crazy blur. I don’t even know what to say. We went 4x4ing in Dakar in the sand dunes on a truck that had only 2 out of 10 wheel lug nuts on the front tire that also had no roll bar where we were sitting. That was pretty interesting. We decided to climb up a cliff (Jacobs ladder) in St Helena 30 minutes before we had to be back on the boat to get a two minute view (totally worth it). We saw the Canary Islands and fell in love with Madiera Portugal. Rode a wicker basket down the street which was so much fun. We sailed into a pretty crazy storm to assist in search and rescue of a yacht in distress, they were rescued by another ship in the area thankfully. We ate too many Tapas in Malaga Spain. And now are on our last sea day for the trip. We have Marseille tomorrow then we finish in Italy the next day. We have also met many really fun people on the ship in the last few weeks. How we didn’t meet them before I don’t know. We have an entire German and Dutch family now. In addition to our South African and Australian family that we met earlier in the trip. Then there’s the crew on the ship who we have gotten to know for months now, I adore them so much. They are all so sweet. They are from all over the place – the Phillipines, Indonesia, Honduras, Guatemala, and a few Europeans. But now we are getting the end of cruise blues to have to say bye to everyone. 74 days is a long freaking time.

Walvis Bay

Well, we’ve been gone for two whole months now! That’s the longest for both of us away from home. The problem now is that time is starting to move too fast and the end of our trip is quickly approaching. We keep talking about extending it a bit longer…. Wouldn’t that be nice? We have already found a couple trips that we could do…and have lots of places we want to go back to. If only we could win the lottery! We have won something like $130 Euros at the casino here but that’s not gonna cut it! Also, the crib wars tally is now Bryan 85 – Char 76. Too bad we don’t get paid to play. 😉
Anyways, Walvis Bay Namibia was a pleasant surprise! We saw huge flocks of Pink flamingos, pink salt lakes and mega sand dunes (dune 7, the second largest in the country). I also had an awesome afternoon sitting in a pub built out over the water. It was beautiful! We just arrived in St Helena Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and are chilling at a cafe in Jamestown. Super cute city!