Heads Up 7-Up

Seems like so long ago now. This was the start of our 3-month adventure in November to Santiago and Valparaiso Chile. We boarded our ship for 5 days at sea to one of our favourite stops on the whole trip: Easter Island to see the Big Giant Heads! Bring on the head puns: Obviously, this was not a good place to lose one’s head. They were certainly ahead of their time – perhaps ahead by a century? These people were very headstrong, certainly they weren’t falling head over heels for just anyone. Off the top of my head, I think if they just put their heads together they could turn some heads. But I think a lot of it just went over their head. Nailed it. And by that I mean, hit the nail on the head. And I’m done.

We got no food, we got no jobs…our pets’ heads are falling off!


Yup, we are both on the job hunt, which ironically means that we’ve been really productive in other areas of life. We renovated our bathroom, installed some new light fixtures in the basement, and have watched a lot of olympics. But we’re working hard to get jobs. Really.

“I can’t believe we drove around all day and there’s not a single job in this town. Nothing, nada, zip.” … “Yeah, unless you want to work forty hours a week!”

Anyways, I’ve been working on doing “something” with all of our photos from our trip so this is my first attempt at “something”. Granted, it’s from half-way through the trip, but it was really truly a memorable day for us. It was our first real chance to go off on our own and explore around South Africa which we LOVED! And now that I’ve learned my way through video editing a bit I can go back to the start and work on the trip from beginning to end! It will be like starting the journey all over again!

“We’re really doing it Harry!!”

The Final Countdown!

Yesterday my lab had a send-off potluck lunch for me for finishing my PhD and to celebrate the end of my many years in the lab. So many people who aren’t even in the lab anymore came by which was a fun surprise! (Also, I think they just love pot lucks). Anyways they all surprised me with a gift and some mascots for our trip! THANK-YOU again everyone! I’m going to miss laughing and working with you guys!


And yes, that would be snow out the window.
Also, I picked up my thesis yesterday. So exciting to see it finally done!


Two weeks to go!

We are looking for suggestions for things to do on our stops. Also we are going to be in southern France and/or Italy for a week or so afterwards so need suggestions for where to go there too! Best ideas win the internet machine.

(Disclaimer: Odds of winning are low…I mean they’re like really bad, and skill testing questions are required. I can’t even answer them. Also, I don’t actually own the internet machine.)

Thanks for playing!


3 week countdown

Passports are ready, we have our Australian visas, and now we have to decide what fun excursions we are going to do at each destination. Life is tough.
The new passports are really cool! Full of pictures of Canadian history. My favourite by far-