The camera lens strikes again!

If you recall back in December while we were in Australia we had an accident with our telephoto camera lens. It was dropped and broken. So we immediately spent $700 in Sydney to replace it. It was a borrowed camera so it had to be done, plus we loved the camera, especially that lens! Anyways, turns out, this new lens was broken too. Talk about bad luck! We then spent our entire day in Melbourne, our next port, dealing with the issue. We bought a second new lens for another $700 and made an agreement with the store we bought the first one from in Sydney that we could return it for a refund, so off went the first replacement lens via Australia Post.

Flash forward to February. We are home in Canada and have still heard nothing and received no refund. So we start making calls which we couldn’t do on the trip since we were either busy or in a different time zone. Turns out, nobody has any record WHATSOEVER of the lens. The camera store never received it, Australia Post doesn’t have any record of it. Poof! It has magically disappeared and there’s not a dam thing we can do about it. And to top it off, all of our insurance options at home won’t cover us! Bah! I don’t know why I even pay for insurance sometimes!

So the good news is: we are now the proud owners of the original dropped broken lens, (which we don’t have a camera for, and is going to cost another couple hundred bucks still to fix…It is turning out to be the most expensive camera ever) But, it takes amazing pictures!




3 thoughts on “The camera lens strikes again!

  1. Hi Charlene, did the post office not give you a tracking number when you bought the insurance? What a shame you have had to go through all this but yes, you do have amazing pictures.

  2. Sorry to hear this happened. I guess you have to think of it as your contribution to the economy! I hope your pics and memories are keeping you warm. Brrr….

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