Last day at sea

The last few weeks have been a crazy blur. I don’t even know what to say. We went 4x4ing in Dakar in the sand dunes on a truck that had only 2 out of 10 wheel lug nuts on the front tire that also had no roll bar where we were sitting. That was pretty interesting. We decided to climb up a cliff (Jacobs ladder) in St Helena 30 minutes before we had to be back on the boat to get a two minute view (totally worth it). We saw the Canary Islands and fell in love with Madiera Portugal. Rode a wicker basket down the street which was so much fun. We sailed into a pretty crazy storm to assist in search and rescue of a yacht in distress, they were rescued by another ship in the area thankfully. We ate too many Tapas in Malaga Spain. And now are on our last sea day for the trip. We have Marseille tomorrow then we finish in Italy the next day. We have also met many really fun people on the ship in the last few weeks. How we didn’t meet them before I don’t know. We have an entire German and Dutch family now. In addition to our South African and Australian family that we met earlier in the trip. Then there’s the crew on the ship who we have gotten to know for months now, I adore them so much. They are all so sweet. They are from all over the place – the Phillipines, Indonesia, Honduras, Guatemala, and a few Europeans. But now we are getting the end of cruise blues to have to say bye to everyone. 74 days is a long freaking time.

4 thoughts on “Last day at sea

  1. We are sure happy for you that your trip was one in a million. We are out for breakfast and the weather is great here. It will be hard to say goodbye to everyone you met but you have met friends that we are sure you will see again. Enjoy your final days. Love Mom and Dad

  2. OMG what amazing adventures you have had.!! Can’t wait until you’re home to hear all your stories and see all your photos. There’s a special friend waiting to see you too. Just don’t say the word “squirrel” …luv you and miss you …tell the cruise staff “thank you” from us for taking such good care of you two. By the way who won the crib wars?

    • The crib wars have ended at Bryan 85 – Char 77. Bryan also won the Christmas Crib Megabowl 10 – 6. He is very happy with the outcome. 🙂 We miss you guys too. Can’t wait to talk to the special friend!

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