Walvis Bay

Well, we’ve been gone for two whole months now! That’s the longest for both of us away from home. The problem now is that time is starting to move too fast and the end of our trip is quickly approaching. We keep talking about extending it a bit longer…. Wouldn’t that be nice? We have already found a couple trips that we could do…and have lots of places we want to go back to. If only we could win the lottery! We have won something like $130 Euros at the casino here but that’s not gonna cut it! Also, the crib wars tally is now Bryan 85 – Char 76. Too bad we don’t get paid to play. 😉
Anyways, Walvis Bay Namibia was a pleasant surprise! We saw huge flocks of Pink flamingos, pink salt lakes and mega sand dunes (dune 7, the second largest in the country). I also had an awesome afternoon sitting in a pub built out over the water. It was beautiful! We just arrived in St Helena Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and are chilling at a cafe in Jamestown. Super cute city!











8 thoughts on “Walvis Bay

  1. I’m so happy for you guys and so glad that you are able to go to all theses places. Love the sun set photo. Miss you much.

  2. Hello from Mesa, we absolutely LOVE your pics. We miss you:). We don’t blame you for wanting to stay longer. Your trip is soooo amazing. Love you lots.

  3. Hi guys sounds like you are having a blast.. You might want to extend your trip,this winter has been brutal!!!! and plus if you guys stay longer I might be able to catch Bryan in the hockey pool!! take care and have a blast..

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