Cape Town

I am a big big big fan of shark week. I mean, come-on. Who isn’t? So naturally when I found out we’d be in Cape Town this was the first thing on my to-do list: swimming with the Great White Sharks! (PS: I know we didn’t mention this to our parental units, we didn’t want you to worry!) Anyways, we were able to secure a booking for cage diving right as we left Calgary and I cannot even explain how freaking excited I have been about this day for months now! I was like Aunt Sue (one of Kristen Wiig’s characters from SNL). It’s the one thing I have wanted to do more than anything on this trip. But the downside was only day we had available was Jan 1st. And they picked us up at 2:45am! Our only option obviously was to not sleep and stay up and par-Tay like it’s 1999! We were completely pickled as our Aussie friend would put it. Anyways, it was a 2 hour bus ride out to the site and our driver got lost so we arrived late, then from there it was pretty much chaos. Nothing like what you see on shark week. Plus we felt horrible (a.k.a. hung over) and Bryan was getting seasick on top of that. What were we thinking! The first few people in the cage had a couple sharks swim past, but they were smaller and not too close to even get a good view. We went in the second group into the cage. As we were getting in a MASSIVE shark surfaced right beside the boat. The dorsal fin was almost 2 feet tall and then we saw some of the tail as it swam down in the water. It must have been 4 metres long! So we rushed into the cage and sat there in 14 deg C water for 30 minutes and didn’t see one shark! Such a bummer! Just the tail of that one as we were getting in for about 5 seconds. Obviously they are wild animals and you’re not guaranteed to see them which is understandable but it’s still disappointing since that was our only chance. Then since we didn’t get any sharks for a while they cut our tour short and took us back to shore. Some people didn’t even get to go in the water. Then more chaos trying to rush people off the boat, someone took our bag with our passports, I nearly lost my mind looking for it (but to be fair, I hadn’t slept yet, and was super hung over so I’m pretty sure that was allowed). Eventually we found it then crammed back on the bus for another 2 hours home to Cape Town. We will have to go back and try again another time. Maybe I can work for the Discovery Channel!
Anyways, Cape Town is such a beautiful beautiful city, and the exchange rate is very much in our favour. 10ZAR to 1USD. And things are very affordable! For example, a beer was only 14ZAR. Two movie tickets with popcorn and soda was 200ZAR. A really nice dinner out at a Greek restaurant was 450ZAR. Beautiful 3 bedroom waterfront properties with a pool are only 4 million ZAR ($400,000 USD). Definitely a place we want to come back to. It was really fun to be here for the New Year. We went down to the waterfront festivities for a while, but it was so packed so we went back to the ship and had a perfect view of the fireworks from the top deck. That was a nice perk! We have more to cross off the to-do list in Cape Town still. We will be back. 🙂











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