Cherry Mistmas!

Seasons Greetings! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noël! Buon Natale! Frohe Weihnachten! We are back on the ship after visiting Mauritius and Reunion Islands. We went scuba diving in Mauritius, first to a shipwreck, then a reef. And our new underwater GoPro camera was awesome! We wish we had it from the beginning of the trip. Afterwards we explored the city markets and we were obviously tourists (read: white) so people were trying to pull us in different directions and sell us everything they could. We got scammed trying to buy our customary souvenir fridge magnet. The guy was trying to get $36 from us for it ($1000 rupees). I’m not even going to tell you what we paid. It was ridiculous! I don’t mind paying the “tourist tax” here and there, but I really don’t like being hustled out of my money. But other than that we loved Mauritius. We had an awesome experience at the hotel Le Suffren. We were meeting the dive company there and we were early so we went to the restaurant for a coffee while we waited. (We were running off of two hours sleep after partying at the disco the night before so we were pretty haggard, which by the way the only thing missing on the ship are the 2am dirty nachos, and all our friends and family of course, ah those were the good times). Anyways we went to settle the bill, and our server (whose name was Lovin, a distant cousin of McLovin I assume) gave us our drinks on the house! Then the front desk and security were also super helpful to connect us with the dive company who were late and went to the wrong meeting place. Anyways, we would stay at/recommend that hotel in a heartbeat!
Next was Reunion island which is actually a part of Le France! You have to say Le France and with a big grunt because that’s how they do it and it’s awesome. Anyways, Le France has been paying them handsomely since the 70’s because they didn’t want to be associated with an island in poverty. As a result, the island was beautifully built up and maintained. The roads were a bikers paradise, beautifully paved winding up steep volcanic mountains, with gorgeous views of the cities and ocean below. We need to go back so we can rent motorcycles. We went on a full day tour up the volcano instead which is still an active volcano (although it hasn’t erupted since 2007 so we didn’t see any liquid hot magma) but the views were breathtaking and the craters were massive!
We sail past Madagascar today so we might have to rent Madagascar 3 on the pay per view to celebrate (Polka dot circus! Polka dot circus!) then we have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at sea which should be interesting. Our next stop is AFRICA! We cannot wait to go on safari! Keep your fingers crossed that we get to see lots of animals! We hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas! Drink lots of rum and eggnog in the moose mugs for us! We will be thinking of you all and look forward to the next time we can talk and hear about what’s been going on at home! Love and hugs!
PS. I’ve been trying to upload pictures for over an hour now and it’s not working. I will upload some in a later post.

11 thoughts on “Cherry Mistmas!

  1. Wishing you and Bryan a very Merry Christmas, charlene. We so enjoy reading your blog, it is my morning read with coffee in hand! I then pass on to Laurie, Blair and Jackson. Our friends, Carol and George, just returned from South Africa and their safari was a highlight for sure. Riding the elephant she said was amazing but no picnic as she nearly had to do the splits, the Ellie was so wide! Hugs to you both.

  2. Wishing you and Bryan a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoying your blog, you guys are having a trip if a lifetime. Hugs to you both.

  3. Merry Christmas Char & Bryan! I am at the lake with Mom & Dad, and yesterday a moose and her baby stopped by the yard. I’ve never been that close to a moose before! That’s all the Canadian Christmas excitement I have for you. I know you’ll love Africa – have a Tusker for me! Love Zanner

  4. Merry Christmas Char and Bryan
    Here it is Christmas Eve. We are going to Hammer and Linda’s tonight and then just having dinner here tommorow just the three of us. Off to the Beckerjecks on Boxing Day as Barb and Justin and kids are arriving later in the day. Always have fun with the kids.
    It’s not strange that your not with us but feels strange that you are so far away. We hope you guys have a great day and we will be thinking of you lots. We will hoist a glass of wine in your honor. Take care and be safe. We love you lots.
    Mom and Dad

  5. Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas miss you much. Can’t wait til you’re home and we can see all your photos and hear about all your adventures. Gramma and Grampa Gibson, Keith and Kristy are home with us. Time to beat them at a game of careers. Luv you lots mom

  6. Merry Christmas Char and Bryan
    I’m in SA for a week, It’s a winter wonderland here. We took the girls sledding yesterday, they had a ton of fun! Tomorrow should be pretty exciting for the kids.
    Love reading your blogs! I can’t wait to hear about Africa!

  7. Merry Christmas you guys! We all miss you! Sounds like you are having tons of fun, good for you! Guess I’ll just have to beat Kristy at careers! Keep us up to date on your latest adventures. The next best thing to being there is seeing it all thru your eyes, love Grandma and Grandpa Gibson

  8. I sure wish i knew what I am doing on these bloody machines!!! Anyway hope you are having the best time of your lives. If my last post didn’t get through, don’t fall off the edge of the earth. Its fairly costly getting back. I’ll vouch for that!!!

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