The Tasmanian Devil and Kangaroos

Ok I’m a bit behind here. Still talking about Australia… Melbourne was our next stop. Unfortunately that day was a complete write off for us as we had to deal with our 2nd broken camera lens issue all morning. Then it poured rain for the rest of the day and before we knew it we had to be back on the boat. So we pretty much missed Melbourne which sucked.
Then we had three days sail to Perth. The first day we sailed past Tasmania through a storm that was the roughest seas we have ever encountered! It sounded like the ship was going to snap in half! The captain said it was 8 meter swells, and 60 mile/hour winds. It was like bad airplane turbulence for 36 hours straight. Our ship is big, but not big enough to skip across those waves. Fortunately it got better closer to Perth, but because of the storm we were arriving 6 hours late, so we missed the city again as Perth is a bit of a drive inland still. We did get to see a bit of Freemantle which is the suburb where the ship docked and it was lovely! We want to go back and spend more time. We didn’t get enough time in Australia! That’s the one big downside to taking a cruise. We’re bound to someone else’s schedule.
Anyways, we had originally booked a tour but because we were late we went instead to Caversham Wildlife Park with 600 of our closest friends. OMG It was like the circus showing up to a meditation garden! The highlight for us however, was the kangaroo enclosure. They were so sweet they came right up to you. We found one guy that was just like a puppy. We had a handful of food but were giving it to him one at a time, so he went straight for the hand with all the food and was sniffing around and nuzzling us for more. Then when Bryan walked away he stood up and held out his arms like he wanted a hug. I felt bad for the poor kangaroo. I don’t like when Bryan leaves either. 😉
Other than that so far we are surviving the 7 day stretch over the Indian Ocean. It’s been too cold to hang out outside for the past couple weeks so there’s not much to do. On the plus side, most of the banana hammocks have gone into hibernation so my nightmares have subsided for now. But I really hope it warms up soon! It’s supposed to be summer here! We are not looking very “sunbitten” anymore! But I’m not changing the name to Frostbitten just yet! Hopefully it doesn’t come to that…
PS: Mom and Dad don’t worry about the rough seas. We are safe.
Also, the crib tally is now Bryan 63 – Char 61. Bryan is not so safe. He should be afraid. Very afraid….








One thought on “The Tasmanian Devil and Kangaroos

  1. Sorry to hear you are experiencing rough seas. We checked out your next place and that looks pretty nice so hopefully things will change. Anything is probably better than what we are experiencing here in Canada. Anyway enjoy each day and we wish you calm waters.
    Miss you guys.
    Love Mom and Dad

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