We are at the half-way point of our cruise today! Every day on the ship they give us a newsletter which has since become known as the “book of words” because that’s what David calls it and we like that better. So if you’ve ever wondered what a day onboard the Costa neoRomantica looks like this is it! We don’t do many of the ship activities unless there’s a fun party at night. The other night was a 70’s theme party so we danced all night, and a few nights before that there was a juggling act from Australia’s Got Talent (James Buster) which was the beginning of Bryan’s 15 minutes of fame on the ship because they called him up on stage to do part of the act. It was so funny! He was such a good sport! Anyways, that’s our daily life. Also, we are Pearl point club members now so we get discounts and free stuff. I don’t know how we got that on our first cruise but somehow we did!
Only 10 days until Christmas! It just doesn’t feel the same here without the snow. But they’ve decorated the ship up and they play Christmas carols, otherwise we wouldn’t even know. Hope everyone at home is getting excited and getting lots of time off to visit with family. We will miss you all, but will be celebrating with our friends here:)
I’ve got more pictures to share from Australia soon too once I can get them uploaded!


6 thoughts on “Today!

  1. From the book of words it looks like there are all sorts of dance lessons onboard, Maybe you could talk Bryan into taking some so he can do more moves other than the sprinkler, the lawn mower or the hokey pokey ………ha hahaha. Love and miss you guys……..L

  2. Hope you guys are taking advantage of those tango lessons! And Bridge lessons for beginners….whoa that sounds like too much fun! When does the party stop on that cruise ship! Maybe you are getting pearl points as a sympathy gift from the cruise ship. It can be there way of saying sorry for all the banana hammocks!

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