Maybe the dingo ate your baby!

G’day mate! I reckon I may have to throw another shrimp on the barbey! We’re straight up Aussie now! Crikey! We just left Australia and are heading out across the Indian Ocean for 7 days to Mauritius. We did NOT have enough time in Australia.
We arrived in Sydney at 2pm on the 5th, but the cruise terminal was WAY outside the city so we had to take shuttle busses into town which was chaos with 1800 people trying to all go at once! So we quickly ditched that idea and grabbed a cab. Sydney is a beautiful city! We walked around a ton and visited the Sky Tower, China town, Jimmy Buffets in Darling Harbour, and we made our customary donation to the casino. It was so funny because after all the chaos to get on the bus into town, we ended up finding the spot where they were dropping people in town and at 5pm (yes, just 3 hours later) there was a line up of people wanting back on the boat! I heard that some people didn’t even get a bus into town for 2 hours! Why do these people need to be first in line for everything if they are going to leave in 3 hours! OMG they are driving me nuts! (Just like the pirate with the steering wheel in his pants! Arrrr!) The next day we visited the Sea Life aquarium and Wildlife park. The aquarium was one of the best we’ve seen for fish and sharks, they have tunnels you can walk through, and one tunnel even had a glass floor which was freaky cool! After that we played 18 holes of golf at Moore Park which is their public city course. It wasn’t the best round of golf we’ve played but there were some awesome views of the city and we got to chase the little white balls around again. Then because we hadn’t done enough yet, we visited the Rocks which is an area down by the Opera House with a bunch of pubs and they were having a street carnival festival so we spent the rest of the night there. Then day 3 arrived and we were exhausted but we wanted to go surfing at Bondai Beach so we dragged ourselves off the boat and that’s when the telephoto lens was broken. So that day sucked, but we sucked it up and went to Bondai still and Bryan was brave enough to go in the water, I didn’t, the waves were huge! Even the guy we rented the board from said it was a huge swell! Since we aren’t avid surfers Bryan fought through and paddled out past the waves to rest and wait for a good wave to ride in, but once he was out there he was getting sucked out further by the current and it took him 20 minutes of paddling to get back in “the zone”, so he had paddled for thirty minutes to catch one wave! It was not our day! Plus when we got back on the boat and noticed our new lens we bought was broken! So we solved the problem the only way we could by drinking a lot of wine and then we danced all night! And I’m pretty sure I made a complete fool of myself as I tend to do now and then!








3 thoughts on “Maybe the dingo ate your baby!

  1. Thanks for the update. Always look forward to receiving them. Your pictures are really incredible. Have fun.
    Love Mom and Dad

  2. Greetings from the Knox’s Farm we are resting up from moving snow. Had a good ski from down the road this morning. Hope you are soaking up the sunshine. Hugging you now. A

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