Not a good day mate

We’ve had a rough couple of days. Going through security at the terminal in Sydney our telephoto lens was dropped on the ground. So we went and bought a new one right away ($$$) only to get back on the ship and realize that it was also broken. Sucks being away from home when everything just starts going wrong. Just keep throwing money at it until it gets better! That’s our new motto! We might be home sooner than we thought at this rate… (PS sorry Laura…we are buying another one today!!). The good news is that we can submit an insurance claim when we get home and they will cover us for the broken one. It just sucks right now forking out more money.
Anyways, here’s some pics from Sydney. It wasn’t all bad;)








5 thoughts on “Not a good day mate

  1. We had to adopt that motto, too. Spent an entire day in Stockholm going from airport to airport and buying new flight tickets on the day of. Fun times.. I hope your travel improves!

  2. Your pics are amazing and hope the weather continues to be nice! Unfortunate about the camera but hope you are now all fixed up.Thanks for keeping in contact. It is great to see your journey along the way! Cheers and have a great sea day mates!! 🙂

  3. Sorry about your camera problems however your pictures are great. We really enjoy looking at them. I am sure there will be more great days ahead for you guys so enjoy. It is very cold here but the scenery is beautiful however we would rather be somewhere else like you two. Take care and be safe.
    Love Mom and Dad

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