Americas Cup in Auckland

Big news…we are being recruited to join the New Zealand Americas Cup sailing team! I mean, how could they not want a couple of land-lubbers from the prairies of Alberta? They were super impressed with Bryan’s knowledge of the port and starboard buoys (which are backwards here from Canada by the way) and my white knuckle grip on whatever I could grab. We have found our calling! Just kidding 😉 But we were the only two passengers tough enough to go out on the boat without a winter jacket so we definitely get bonus points for that. We went sailing on one of the old monohull Americas Cup boats, and yes it was absolutely incredible! The boat was about 20 metres long and the mast 32 metres tall, and we got to work on the grinders to raise and tune the sails and drive the boat. We put up the spinnaker for a few minutes too, it was huge! But they didn’t let us keep it up too long because it was a really windy day and the boat had a LOT of power. We had to keep a reef in the mainsail to slow it down for us newbies. Still, she heeled over pretty good, they had footholds to stand on which were totally necessary when the boat was tipped over. I think they said we got up to about 13 knots (which is about 25km/hr). The max speed for the boat is 18 knots. We buried the side rail in the water at one point too which was fun! It was such a cool experience! I cannot even imagine being on one of the new catamarans that can go up to 50 knots flying over the water. That is insanely fast!
Anyways, the city of Auckland is absolutely beautiful. We were both sad to leave. It’s a lot like Canada but instead of hockey they have sailing. We really wish we could have seen more of New Zealand, we didn’t get to see Middle Earth or the Shire. But we did spend a lot of time walking around the city, and we took a bus out to Davenport which was also beautiful. We both agree that we would love to live here…maybe someday:)
And we bought a new GoPro Hero camera too which has an underwater casing we can take scuba diving and it takes great pictures on land too! We are excited to try it out! I’m pretty sure it will be worth it for the rest of the trip!
Anyways, we are en route to Sydney now. The seas are really rough today, trying to walk upstairs on the ship is funny because you feel really really heavy, then you feel really really light, then really really heavy, then really really light again. And you cannot walk in a straight line no matter how hard you try! We are both used to the motion of the ocean now so at least we aren’t seasick. We like it!















5 thoughts on “Americas Cup in Auckland

  1. What amazing adventures you guys are having. We’ve had a big dump of snow and today the roads were glare ice for my drive home. Such is life here in the Shuswap. I’m sure you miss the glistening of the moonlit snow that sparkles like thousands of tiny diamonds or the way the crisp clean air awakens your soul……there are strange things done in the midnight sun by the men who haul the logs, and the Gorge Creek trails have their secret tails about the men who work like dogs…….luv mom and dad

  2. Well Calgary was like Mordor today. I am envious of you guys right now enjoying the sun! Glad you guys are having fun!
    Miss you!

  3. Hi!! Your documentary of your trip is Fabulous and your pics are wonderful. Cranbrook is a winter wonderland, snow shoveling is Dad’s new sport, not his choice for sure:). Enjoy your time in Australia, we will be looking forward to your next report. Love Mom and Dad

  4. Looks like you are having a great time. Auckland is an amazing city, and New Zealand a wonderful place to visit. What struck me was how green everything was, and yes I also felt like it was very much like Canada. Party on! can’t wait to hear what you think of Auz!

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