Greetings from the future! We crossed the big speed bump they call the international date line and completely skipped the 27th of November, so now we are 20 hours ahead of Calgary time. Because of the direction we are travelling we have to set the clocks back an hour nearly every second night. So I guess by the end we will make up that day lost in gaining extra hours of sleep here and there. The downside is that we have now caught up on our sleep and we now go to bed super early and wake up at sunrise. We are acting like a couple of old farts! LOL! That plus we play crib like there’s no tomorrow. For those of you keeping track, the score is now Bryan 34 – Char 24. (I have to let Bryan win because he throws tantrums when he loses) 😉

Anywho, we stopped in Nuku’alofa Tonga on Nov 28th, and it was not what we were expecting at all. It was very tropical, but the economy was so so poor. People were driving vehicles that were barely running, the town was incredibly run down, garbage everywhere. And I’m not sure if it was just because we arrived on the cruise ship, but it seemed people were all trying to sell whatever they could for a buck. The people, man were they incredibly sweet though! It’s really too bad they don’t clean the place up because they would attract way more tourists then which would help their economy so much.

Anyways, we arranged to scuba dive again, and I think we saw the best part of the island. We dove on two reefs with the most B-E-A-Utiful corals we have ever seen. So vibrant, huge and still alive! It seemed almost untouched over hundreds and hundreds of years, like a coral rainforest. It’s too bad our camera flooded so I didn’t get any pictures. Tonga is also famous for swimming with humpback whales. We were too late, the best season is from July to October, so we may find our way back here someday for more diving and to swim with the whales.

Hope everyone is doing well at home! We love reading your comments, we have poor internet reception though so it takes too long to respond to each one, but we love to hear what’s going on at home! Oh! On our way back to the ship in Tonga they had a horn band that played “Jingle bell rock” which seemed so funny to hear Christmas carols with no snow! They also played “Thriller”. I’m not even kidding. That song follows us everywhere!



3 thoughts on “Tonga

  1. What an experience Charlene, so enjoy your comments and pictures. too bad about your camera, hope you are able to get another as it would be a shame to miss out on some of those underwater shots! Sunny and warmer in Ontario today, skiff of snow, house almost decorated, then shopping! We are heading out for dinner tonight to celebrate Betty’s birthday. Take Care. Love,

  2. OMG – you guys are missing a huge blizzard in Calgary. Enjoy the sun and sand! I think I need to travel to some of these amazing places – it’s motivating me to work harder and earn some travel money! ❤ Zanner

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