Ok, so we thought Tahiti was nice. The next two days in Moorea and Bora Bora were unbelievable! Definitely two of the best days of our lives. We are cloud nine happy people now! I’ll post the Bora Bora pictures in a separate post so they don’t get mixed up.

We stopped first in Moorea on Nov 22nd. The ship parked in this gorgeous bay (Cook Bay) and we were picked up at the dock right away to go scuba diving. Our first dive was just outside the bay and was called Lemon shark valley. There were tons of sharks! Little 3-4 foot black tip sharks were circling our boat before we even got in and they swam around us for nearly the entire dive. They were very friendly and not threatening at all. We also saw a larger lemon shark, they swim along the bottom and are a bit bigger. Again, not threatening at all. I also got close up with a turtle which I was super excited about! Then at our surface stop they took us to this bay with waist deep crystal blue water that was full of black tip sharks and sting rays, you could swim with them and they would come right up to you! It was so cool! They also fed us fresh pineapple on the boat which they grow on the island. It was amazingly good! Our second dive we saw more sharks and lots of fish. The scuba diving was just amazing! We would definitely go again if we were ever back here again and recommend Top Dive to anybody!

After that was all done we headed back to the ship and saw a booth for a scooter rental. We were told in Tahiti they don’t rent out scooters anymore because too many people had accidents so we were stoked that we could rent one here! They had one scooter left, and it was Ducati red. It was obviously meant to be! So we both squeezed on this little scooter and drove around the entire island for about 3 hours. It was a blast! The highlight however was when we were pulled over on some gravel so Bryan got me to walk up to the road to pick me up. He then pulls up next to me on the scooter and says “There’s room for one more if you still want to go to Aspen”. LOL! I nearly died laughing! My very own Lloyd Christmas! That little scooter burned pretty good too, we got up to 60 km/hr on it and we even drove up this mountain to a lookout point. At the top it got really steep, we had it pinned and were just barely moving. There was a couple waiting at the top in a jeep, so we did what any Canadian redneck would do and pretended to row the poor little scooter to the top. They were killing themselves laughing! It was such a great day. Moorea is so beautiful. To think I’ve never even heard of this little paradise before!

Oh! And a fun fact! Tahiti/Moorea/Bora Bora are in French Polynesia, which is actually a part of France. And aside from the French language, there were French baguettes everywhere. Nearly every person we saw was carrying a baguette. So very French of them! Oui oui! 20131125-151236.jpg20131125-151306.jpg20131125-151324.jpg20131125-151349.jpg








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