Bora Bora

We stopped in Bora Bora on Nov 23rd for the day. Again we got picked up right away for scuba diving once we got off the ship. Bora Bora has a chain of small islands surrounding it so inside the lagoon the waters are so clear and the colours were amazing! It was so beautiful! We drove on the boat through the lagoon to the opposite side of the island for our first dive. The waters were so warm and so clear! But the most amazing part – we saw GIANT Manta Rays! They were at least 8 feet long by 10 feet wide and that’s not including their tail! We swam right up next to them and the big one turned and came straight for me, then swam right overtop of me! I could have probably touched it! It was so amazing watching them fly through the water! It was unreal! One of our top dive experiences! Then for our second dive we went just outside the reef and the water was so clear we could see the bottom from 50 feet above! There were tons of fish here and a bunch of lemon sharks. Big ones! One that was at least 7 feet long swam up right next to Bryan, it was so cool! These were probably two of the best dives we have had to date yet, but unfortunately our underwater camera flooded on the second dive so I couldn’t get any pictures of the sharks… Big time bummer. Luckily I had a waterproof SD card so we didn’t lose our pictures of the rays!

After diving we had an amazing scallop lunch and then we went to the main beach. We saw a guy with a catamaran sailboat giving tours so we got a ride inside the lagoon. It was so much fun and the guy was a little bit crazy too which made it more entertaining! Then we wandered into the Intercontinental Bora Bora hotel to look around and saw some other people from the cruise ship there using the Infiniti pool. So we figured why not? We jumped in and hung out at this gorgeous $1000/night resort for the afternoon. It was so beautiful! We didn’t want to leave, but we couldn’t afford to stay either! I don’t think we were supposed to be there but the resort was empty so no one really cared. It was paradise! Bora Bora has the feel of a small town, but still has lots of amenities which is nice. But the hotels are ridiculously expensive. We would love to go back someday but would probably do so on our own sailboat. Or after winning the lottery. Then we could bring everyone with us too!

We are back at sea now. We’ve been gone almost three weeks and we are still crossing the Pacific. But we are having an awesome time! So glad we did this!













4 thoughts on “Bora Bora

  1. Aaaaaww, I’m so happy for you guys. What amazing adventures!! We wish we were there. Keep the posts coming, they’re like a good book, I can’t wait to find out what’s next.

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