We’ve been hearing a lot about the -20C weather at home so let me tell you a bit about what we’ve been dealing with here. It’s freaking hot here. Sweaty hot. Sunburn while wearing SPF 50 hot. The weather report says it was only a high of 26C so I can only assume that their weather station is up on the top of the mountain under a shady tree with a nice cool breeze. And we had to stop at three different supermarkets to find one that actually sells cold beer… Things aren’t always perfect in paradise.
Speaking of paradise, Tahiti is b-e-a-utiful! We have been here for two days and we already wish we had more time. (And money. It is not cheap here.) We went scuba diving yesterday, surfing today, and did a small tour of the island with a hired cab driver who told us some great stories about the island and living here, the topless golf course, and picking up girls and making boom boom in the jungle. He was awesome, especially once we found a cold 6 pack!
We also saw some whales! It was really sweet, there was a mother and a baby and they were playing just off shore. The baby kept slapping its tail on the water. And they would both raise their pectoral fins out together. It was really cool!
So we will have to come back to Tahiti someday. We hear the golfing is great.











3 thoughts on “Tahiti

  1. Love your Blog, Always can’t wait to read your next post. photos are great, makes me feel like I’m there with you guys. just a note for Char,….I’m sure you’d beat Bryan if you went back to Tahiti for a game of golf ….just don’t send photos….hahaha

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