Whole lotta nothing

Holy crap the Pacific Ocean is big. We drove 2300 miles from Chile to Easter Island, and now are on another 2500 miles to Tahiti. Lots of days at sea. We haven’t seen one other boat, any planes, only a few birds. There is nothing out here but us. The internet has sucked for the last few days too. Nothing left to do but read books and gamble at the casino. Tomorrow we hit Tahiti though!
We also stopped quick at Pitcairn island. They are 48 people living on a small island in the middle of nowhere and 20 of them came out and boarded the ship for a ceremony. It was kind of neat. Google Pitcairn. It has an interesting history.
Also, in rather unfortunate news, the crib wars tally now stands at Bryan 26 – Char 18.
We miss everyone at home! Hope to catch up soon!





5 thoughts on “Whole lotta nothing

  1. Wow Pitcairn has quite the history. I had never heard of that island before. I looked it up as you suggested. Anyhoow …I’m not throwing in the towel on you yet Char ….I know your strategy…… Let Bryan think he’s winning at crib and then BAM go in for the kill……hers is cheering for Bryan though (hers has floppy ears, big brown eyes and a wet nose)

  2. So enjoy reading your blog Charlene. Jackson was reading as well and couldn’t believe you were on Easter island. I googled the Pitcairn island, fascinating. Keep the pics and news coming!

  3. Always great to hear from you guys. Looked at your itinary and see that more stops are coming soon so the fun should pick up. Enjoy each day as the weather in Calgary is not very good. Char, since Bryan beat me at golf and if he now wins at crib his bucket list will be near complete so you make the decision. Also just wanted to let you know the Canucks have lost five straight. Enjoy each day and we are thinking of you lots.

  4. Hey guys! Hope your enjoying the weather, it was a balmy -20 this morning! Interesting read on Pitcairn Island. Can’t wait to read your next post!

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