I saw a bird!

Some thoughts on the ship so far… It has a very nice interior, the rooms are very comfortable, the food is excellent, but unlike what we have heard of other cruises, you cannot eat your meals at anytime you like. There are specific hours when breakfast and lunch are served 8-10 and 12-2, and you must go to your assigned reservation for dinner. If you miss it, it’s not that easy to get any food unless you go to the restaurants that charge you extra. But let’s be honest, it’s probably a good thing for us in the long run if we miss a few meals! The gym is really nice, but it’s such a weird feeling running on the treadmill while going over big waves.
Also, I saw a bird yesterday. First sign of life in 3 days. We think we might have spotted some whales in the distance, we could see the spray going up, but we’re not sure.
Anyways, the crib tally is now Bryan 13 – Char 9.






10 thoughts on “I saw a bird!

  1. go get em Char…..Sorry Bryan, I’m cheering for the woman and underdog in the crib wars. Glad to hear you guys are having such a good time. Still no snow in Malakwa yet. miss you …….luv Mom & Dad

  2. Good thing I decided to sit this trip out otherwise the crib tally would be Jo 13, Bryan 7, Char 2………..Yeah that just happened!

  3. Awww thinkin of you guys while i study PPE, storage and handling of gases and hydrocarbons!! I have a little gift for you guys for when you get home. oh and had moose steaks for din the other night! soo yummy. oh and Char i read an article about a chinese boy who was born with eyes that can see totally in the dark! soo interesting, i posted the link on your fb page. Love and miss yah!

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