Valparaiso Chile

Yesterday we got a personal tour of Chile from Lorena, (she is cousins with Marcy, who works with my sister Jo and Bryan’s cousin Shirley). She took us around Santiago and then we drove out to the coast through Vina del Mar, and Concon, we stopped for an amazing seafood lunch on the beach and we had our first pisco sours. It’s like a tequila margarita…but stronger. They hit you so fast but are so good! Then she brought us to Valparaiso, and we checked into the floating retirement centre! Just kidding…well kind of. We are not the youngest here, but apparently this trip was set us to be a VIP tour for people with over 50 to 100 cruises in their life, so there are a LOT of Q-tips aboard! Some people had this trip booked over 2 years ago which is crazy to think we got a spot less than a month ago. Anyways, after a big party night yesterday we slept until 4 today which was awesome. Then we had our emergency drill at 5:30 and finally set out on the big blue ocean! So far so good. We are about 6 hours out at sea right now. Only feeling a little queasy from the rocking. Hope that passes soon! It’s 5 days until we hit land again. So far we are loving the boat, the rooms are gorgeous, the bed is really comfy, and the people are really nice. We are seated with a really fun couple from South Africa (and Canada/US) for dinner and so far we have shut down the restaurant each night! They also booked their trip last minute like us and we seem to have a lot in common with them.










3 thoughts on “Valparaiso Chile

  1. Love your blog….it’s 3.4 Celsius here tonight. We’re in kelowna. Gramma & Grampa & the Doody’s send their love. Everyone is following your blog and loving it . We’re all jealous

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