The Final Countdown!

Yesterday my lab had a send-off potluck lunch for me for finishing my PhD and to celebrate the end of my many years in the lab. So many people who aren’t even in the lab anymore came by which was a fun surprise! (Also, I think they just love pot lucks). Anyways they all surprised me with a gift and some mascots for our trip! THANK-YOU again everyone! I’m going to miss laughing and working with you guys!


And yes, that would be snow out the window.
Also, I picked up my thesis yesterday. So exciting to see it finally done!


4 thoughts on “The Final Countdown!

  1. What a fun pot luck you must of had. You have wonderful friends. Your thesis is done and bound, way to go Char. We are very proud of you Dr. Char. Love you Mom and Dad

  2. Dr. Downey….calling Dr. Downey………Congrad’s and way to go, be proud of yourself as this was not handed to you……you did the work and the time and deseve all the credit!! We just love you soo much ……….Lani & Bruce……… and Miko (she’s really proud of you too)

  3. Hey guys, its your departure day, and just want to say what we are all thinking…Hae a BLAST! and enjoy every moment of this trip of a life time!
    You will have many people thinking (jealously) about you both.
    Bon Voyage!

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