Two weeks to go!

We are looking for suggestions for things to do on our stops. Also we are going to be in southern France and/or Italy for a week or so afterwards so need suggestions for where to go there too! Best ideas win the internet machine.

(Disclaimer: Odds of winning are low…I mean they’re like really bad, and skill testing questions are required. I can’t even answer them. Also, I don’t actually own the internet machine.)

Thanks for playing!


2 thoughts on “Two weeks to go!

  1. What an exciting trip! I’m super jealous 🙂 Lots of down time at sea will be relaxing too! Which cruise line are you taking?

    As for things to do, we’ve been to Auckland, Sydney, and Cape Town, so some suggestions for things to do are below. Sometimes you might only have a few hours in a port though, so you might not be able to go far. If you have a day or more, you can venture farther afield!

    I can’t vouch for Auckland much, as we didn’t leave the city for a whole week (visiting friends on their sailboat at the marina) but I’m sure there is a ton to do if you venture outside of the city. Auckland is a lot like Vancouver actually – cosmopolitan and modern. There are museums, parks, etc… nothing out of this world amazing, but maybe we just didn’t find it while we were there since we weren’t in touristy mode.

    Sydney is also a lot like Vancouver. Wander around the botanical garden and the opera house, take the ferry over to Manly, and take a bus over to Bondi Beach, where there is a neat little seawalk that weaves its way along the coast for some nice views. If you have a spare day, drive out to the Blue Mountains. It’s only an hour or so out of the city, but the scenery is spectacular. Great hiking too. Hopefully the fires currently burning around there are finished with by the time you get there.

    If you have time in Durban, that might be your best chance to get out for a safari to see the African wildlife. Kruger National Park is a bit north, so maybe you could swing a trip up there? Otherwise maybe there is a smaller park closer to your port…?

    I see you’ll be in Cape Town for New Year’s Eve! Awesome! It’s a pretty cool town. There’s a touristy part that might have some parties and stuff if you’re into that… And I think the cruise shoip terminal is close tow town. Check with Amanda though – they stopped there on Semester at Sea. If you’re up for it, definitely do the hike up Table Mountain! The views are awesome from the top. You can rappel off the top if you’re crazy, or you could just take the gondola back down 🙂 If you want to rent a car and take a drive, there is a neat day trip that takes you through wine country, past Boulder Beach (I think it was called?) where there are tons of African Penguins on the beach, and then you can drive out to the cape to see the wild southern tip of Africa! It’s not the southernmost tip, but it’s close! Also, keep your eyes peeled out into the bay to the east of the cape off Boulder Beach – that’s where National Geographic gets their shots of great white sharks leaping out of the water to catch seals! On that note, you could dive with the great whites too! Lots to do for sure.

    When we were in Namibia, we didn’t go to Walvis Bay, but I see that it is close to where we did go…. Sossusvlei! Google it – and check it out on Google Earth, and you’ll see why it was so incredible. It’s right in the middle of the Namib Desert, which is home to massive (700ft+) bright red sand dunes. You can take a trip out into the dunes to climb one at sunrise – it’s completely breathtaking. We have never seen anything like it. Dead Vlei is nearby too, where 900 year old trees are charred black in an ancient lakebed, set against the bright blue sky and red dunes. If you have extra time, you can go sandboarding! Better yet, if you have an extra day or two, go up to Etosha National Park. The wildlife there is incredible!

    You’ll have such an awesome trip! I’m very jealous of so many parts of it – the South Pacific and going back to Africa for sure! You’ll get to do some incredible diving! Ok enough with the exclamation marks. Can’t wait to see your photos!

    • Wow! Awesome suggestions! Thanks so much Pam! I will definately check those out! We definitely want to get some diving and sailing in so I think we’ll be in the right place! There’s so much to see we can’t decide! That’s why it’s nice to get suggestions from peeps like you 🙂

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